Terry Shane


Hello, My name is Terry Shane. I am married to Stephanie Shane and we are a blended family with 7 amazing children and 11 grand-babies! We are also blended in our ethnicity, Both Stephanie and I have African American fathers and Caucasian mothers and two of our children are mixed with Pakistani. I came to know Christ at the age of 13. I think it was kind of like I got saved because I wanted my golden ticket and because of the hell fire and brimstone teaching at youth camp but the following year I was thrust into the real world and forgot all about my commitment to Christ. What was cool however was that all though I went about life, doing what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it, the Holy Spirit did not quit tugging on my heart and about 13 years ago I started to seek Him out again. Our story is a story of miracles because even though I left a trail of disaster behind me, God has blessed my family in ways that this brief bio couldn’t hold. Our story has a lot of bumps and bruises due to the consequences of my sins but God’s grace has been more than sufficient!!

What I love about Three Trails is that we don’t just talk about diversity, we are diverse. We have women, Caucasians, and African Americans on our board and staff. We also focus heavily on Monday through Saturday not just Sunday. I believe that is how you change the world. You start within your community (which in South Kansas City is all nations) and you make disciples where you have an influence. Your neighborhood, work,  local restaurant e.t.c.