Lacie Glenn


Hello my name is Lacie Glenn. I am married to Christopher Glenn and together we have three (going on four) amazing, albeit rambunctious, boys. 

 I was not raised in a religious family. A neighbor invited me to go to church with them and I came to know the Lord when I was about 8 years old. I knew it felt right but was never really sure what came next. Without guidance and discipleship I wandered not really knowing what it meant to walk in relationship with the Lord or to be a disciple making disciples until I was in my early twenties. That means that I went 12+ years being saved but not really understanding what that meant. It is my hope that no other child has to wait 12+ years to discover what it means to walk in relationship with the Lord and to be a disciple making disciples in their everyday lives (yes, even as kids.) 

My favorite memory at Three Trails is when we had a movie night for the community, and while I did not watch a single minute of the movie, I got to help the kids make their craft and sit and talk with them. It was so much fun!